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About us

Epicshot video production office

For more than a decade, we have been helping our clients to carry out their most creative video projects, from the first glimpse of an idea to the final edit. We always choose the most efficient and the fastest solution to achieve the desired result.


In our work we often implement 3D graphic elements or shots captured by time-lapse / hyper-lapse methods. Not only do they give a more professional end result, but also grip the onlooker's attention.


Our hardworking team is equipped with cameras that meet the highest quality standards. But our favorite cameras are the ones with wings - drones are the inseparable partners leading us to many of our unpredictable and exciting quests! 


Over the years we had worked with heaps of well-established brands in Lithuania and all over the world. And now we can't wait to work with YOU. EpicShot team is ready to help your ideas to become visible! LQ.jpg
Our clients
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